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Welcome to MJ Herbert's Web Presence!


Milton Herbert was an elementary school teacher who taught primarily in Hutchinson, Kansas between 1947 and 1981, when he retired. If you were a student at Central School or Allen Elementary School during this time you probably remember him. If you had him as your 5th grade teacher you probably can't forget him. He had a unique style of teaching which included "Claude, the Puppet", the "Magic Machine" and great story telling.

"The Jackie Story" was created, written, and narrated by Milton Herbert. The story centers around Jackie Anderson, an orphan, and a cast of characters like Skeeter, Maggie, and Ritzy. Once students returned from lunch, Mr. Herbert would spend 15 minutes telling the day's section of "The Jackie Story". This website is designed to digitally bring "The Jackie Story" out of the past and deliver it electronically from the original audio tapes recorded in Mr. Herbert's classroom. The links on the left are for additional information. Check out the 'Storyteller' page for the digital version of "The Jackie Story".