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Managerially Relevant Analytically Robust

Founded by Dr. Staffan Canback, we are an elite management consulting firm anchored in predictive analytics and market knowledge. We operate globally with the world’s largest companies as clients. This has taken us to 89 countries since our founding in 2004. The firm is a member of The Economist Group since 2015.

Move through the years to see how far Canback has come since 2004.

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Through our practices we help some the world's larges companies optimize their commercial strategy

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The Future of FMCG: The Whole Foods Test

Most large fast-moving consumer goods companies find it difficult, if not impossible, to grow at the rate of the economy

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Arshad Abba Interview on SABC News

Arshad Abba, VP at Canback Consulting, joined SABC in South Africa to comment on fintech and how mobile money solutions.

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U.S. Recession Predictor

The likelihood of a recession hitting remains low, with the latest analysis based on July 2018 data.

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Visualizing the Boston Red Sox’ Performance

How are the Red Sox performing in 2018?

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Current Vacancies

Canback works on a continuous hiring cycle for our Boston, Chicago, Johannesburg, London offices.

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