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Interswitch Payment Gateway API

The Interswitch Payment Gateway APIs provides a seamless payment service that Service Providers can integrate to from your preferred application that facilitates realtime debits to cardholders’ accounts and onward credits to the partner client’s account

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How it works

  • Client integrates using the Interswitch Payment Gateway APIs
  • Client customizes customer entry point based on preferences
  • Client passes card information and other authentication details to Interswitch
  • Interswitch processes transaction and sends response to client

Key Features

  • Secure end-to-end integrity of all transactions
  • Audit trail of all payment activities
  • Payment efficiency and shorter transaction cycles
  • Multi-Channel Payment Acceptance
  • International acceptance and acquiring
  • Recurring Payments
  • Admin and reporting Portal
  • Settlement

Electronic Wallet Services

Interswitch eWallet provides a solution that allow customers to add their payment instruments and funds in an electronic wallet. The electronic wallet can then be retrieved on different channels in order to do transaction on the channel.

How it works

  • Client integrates to the eWallet APIs
  • Clients at the point of customers making payments sends a retrieve card request using the customers Identifier (Phone number)
  • The list of cards already added by the customer is returned
  • Customer then pick the preferred card for the payment, supply the Card PIN and completes the payment

Key Features

  • Faster and more convenient way for customers to make payment
  • Availability on multiple channels
  • Using Tokenization to secure transactions.

Quickteller Bill Payment API

This solution allows you to leverage Quickteller to pay over 3000 Merchants on the platform

How it works

  • Merchant application sends a bill payment via the provided billpayment API (with the biller to be paid for)
  • InterSwitch debits the Merchant dealer wallet
  • Advice is sent to be merchant to provide service to the customer
  • Bill payment status (success or failure) is reported to your application in real-time.
  • Merchant application sends the response back to the customer

Key Features

  • Make payment to over 3000 Merchants on the network
  • Realtime response
  • Reporting