The Golden Age of Sports Uniforms

I will be the first to admit it, I am a sports uniform dork.   I think that when you combine my love of sports and design, you get an absolute fascination with sports uniforms.    And while I can appreciate a good uniform, whatever sport it may be, I definitely gravitate towards football, soccer and hockey.   […]


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Back in the day, before memes became all the rage, the animated GIF was the bane of my exiestance. Well, not just me, but I think any web designer in the world. For some reason that still escapes me, clients wanted to have animated GIFs on their sites. It would never fail, there would be […]

I swing my beat at the playground


Sometimes life has a way of sending you curveballs. Might be in your professional life. Might be in your personal life. I have found that it is usually difficult to separate the two. But the one constant in life is change. Change can be scary. It can also be invigorating. I have reached a point […]