The service of automatic trading of altcoins with transparent conditions. Registration and work with the service are free!

Free registration


Bots work 24/7, making transactions around the clock. You do not need to waste your time tracking the state of markets


You can see all bots trades online, almost in real time without a registration


The service is not a Ponzi-scheme, where the deposits of new users serve for payments on previous deposits. The profit from trading is divided proportionally to the size of user deposits


The architecture of the system ensures the preservation of critical data from intruders


You do not need to make any bot settings, we do everything for you, choosing the optimal strategies corresponding to the state of the markets

Ongoing support

We monitor the status and progress of trading of each robot, in an emergency, we can intervene in their work or eliminate a possible problem as quickly as possible

More than market analysis

In addition to the state of the markets, robots periodically receive information about negative / positive news about specific crypto-currencies from different sources. This affects the valuation of transactions and making robots buy/sell decisions


Absence of a subscription fee. You do not pay for access to the system, we get revenue from a small commission from successful trades


We insure your deposits! Losses in trades we compensate by the part of the system commission, rather than user funds